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Everything you need to know about bed bugs and bed bug removal in Toronto and Surrounding Areas
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Bed Bugs: Fact From Fiction

Most people don’t think about bed bugs until they have them, and as a result they often don’t know many facts about bed bugs. Many individuals don’t know how to correctly identify bed bugs and end up with a bed bug infestation that could have been prevented. So, how do you know if what you heard about bed bugs is true or if it’s simply a myth?

Bed bugs — dispelling the myths

Here are some myths about bed bugs that are commonly mistaken as facts about bed bugs:

1. Bed bugs are too small to see

facts about bed bugs

Bed bugs are very small, but they can be seen with the naked eye. They are usually dark brown and about 4-5mm in length. You will most likely see things they’ve left behind before you have the chance to identify bed bugs. However, they are big enough to see without additional aids.

2. Bed bugs only bite in the dark
Bed bugs are nocturnal creatures and generally feed at night. Because they’re nocturnal, many individuals think that sleeping with the lights on will prevent bed bugs bites. This is not the case. Although they would rather to feed at night when they’re prey is at rest and vulnerable, you can get bit day or night, lights on or off.

3. Bed bugs can only be found in your bed

The name “bed bug” suggests that they only live in beds. This is not true. You can identify bed bugs in many places around your home. They prefer to stay close to their warm-blooded prey, hiding near where they’ll lay to rest. While they’re most often found in mattresses, they can be found in a number of places, including curtains, alarm clocks, headboards, and within the cracks of walls.

4. If I throw out my bed, I no longer have bed bugs
If you identify bed bug in your bed, throwing out the bed isn’t going to solve your problem. First, the bed bugs may have already spread to other areas of the house. You may not have bed bugs in your bed, but you might already have them in other unknown areas of your house. Also, throwing out your bed without professional treatment is just transporting the bugs to another area. They can easily crawl back into your home or your neighbors. If you get your home professionally treated for bed bugs, you can ensure that the bed bugs are gone, and you can keep your mattress.

5. I’m the only one in my house with bites, so they can’t be bed bugs
There are a number of reasons why you could have bug bites, while others in your home do not. People respond to bed bugs in different ways—some break out immediately, while others have a higher immunity to insects and have little to no response. Also, there are other bugs bites can resemble those from bed bugs. Check for other signs of bed bugs before calling a professional exterminator.

6. Only dirty, cluttered homes have bed bugs
Bed bugs can often be found in unkempt homes, but they can just as easily be found in a clean home. Bed bugs can create a home just about anywhere. Their goal is to find a place to feed. They go where the people are. It’s harder to spot bed bugs in a cluttered home, and as a result, there could be a bed bug infestation before they’re discovered. This can cause people to associate dirt with bed bugs.

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To learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs in your home in Toronto or surrounding area contact us immediately.

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