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Everything you need to know about bed bugs and bed bug removal in Toronto and Surrounding Areas
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Do bed bugs live in every country in the world?

Getting rid of bed bugs is notoriously difficult because of the commonness of the insect. In fact bed bugs are found in all countries of the world, despite being nearly wiped out in developed countries in the 1940s.

Bed bug removal is difficult because globalization has made it easy for people to travel all across the world. This means the bed bugs in Canada can arrive in new waves every day from visitors from all the countries of the world.

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Canadians who visit other countries for business or pleasure may return home with bed bug bites that they can’t even detect or with clothes or luggage containing bed bugs.

Bed bugs are an ancient pest

Bed bugs have always preyed on humans and there is evidence of bed bugs living with humans in caves. Just like humans, bed bugs can’t live in environments of extreme heat or cold. But the same settings people like, warm homes with lots of furniture and fabric are ideal for bed bugs to hide, feed and breed.

In fact, our modern cities are ideal places for bed bugs to live. Millions of people living and travelling closely together allows bed bugs the opportunity to find new homes. Goods and services being exchanged from around the globe means bed bugs can travel to new locations rapidly and efficiently. Hundreds of thousands of people coming into close contact on buses and subways gives the pest a chance to spread quickly.

Bed bugs prosper in areas where people live closely together

As well, the types of buildings we live in such as condos, apartments and townhouses—often with common entrances, laundry or garbage facilities—means bed bugs can travel easily from one infested home to another. Common electrical or plumbing conduits are also travel ways for bed bugs.

The lifecycle of the bed bug also means it thrives when living close to people. Eggs are found in cracks in furniture or in floors anywhere in a warm house. Fully adult bed bugs stay hidden until they want to feed and then they typically invade a nearby bed or where your cat or dog is sleeping—yes, bed bugs love to bite pets too. Bed bug bites are annoying and embarrassing but there is no evidence bed bug bites spread disease.

How to prevent bringing bed bugs home when travelling

If you are travelling and suspect you may have bed bug bites, or brought bed bugs back home with you, it is best to encase the clothing and bedding you have carried with you in plastic to prevent the spread throughout your home.  Don’t forget to include luggage or backpacks.

The infected clothing and luggage can be dealt with through freezing to a minimum of -5°C for five days or washing in hot water, and drying on your dryer’s hot cycle, reachinga minimum of 45°C for an hour. A scrub brush for bed bug removal is good for getting into folds, seams and folds. Be sure to check cracks in the lining of suitcases and backpacks.

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To learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs in your home in Toronto or surrounding area contact us immediately.

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Call us at (905) 738-6676
To learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs in your home in Toronto or surrounding area contact us immediately.

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