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Heat Treatment: An Innovative Way of Getting Rid of Bed Bugs

How to remove bed bugs with a bed bug extermination

Traditional bed bug treatments involve getting rid of bed bugs using chemicals. Although effective, these bed bug extermination techniques have their downsides: namely, reports have suggested they can be harmful to human health. Heat treatment is a safer and more effective alternative to conventional bed bug control procedures. Magical Pest Control was the first bed bug exterminator to offer it in Ontario. Read on to discover how Magical removes bed bugs using heat treatment.

What Is Heat Treatment?

Heat treatment is a bed bug control method that involves heating the infected area to a temperature beyond what bed bugs can tolerate. At about 46°C, this temperature is high enough to kill bed bugs, their eggs and their larva throughout your home. The heat penetrates deep into your walls, floors, furniture, beds, mattresses, electronics, bedding and clothes, into tiny crevices, under carpets, and into your pipes. It leaves nowhere for bed bugs to hide.

How Do the Bed Bug Exterminators Get the Temperature So High?

The temperature of your home is first increased when hot air is piped through wide tubing attached to a propane heater. Smaller tubes are lead to the other rooms, while fans circulate the air, producing a vortex.
Once the temperature reaches 46°C, it takes about 20 minutes to kill adult bugs, and eggs die in an hour. However, the air continues to be pumped for a few more hours so the heat attains every crevice, including beneath floorboards and inside electrical sockets, where bugs often hide.

Why Is Heat Treatment So Effective?

Entomologist Changlu Wang explains that this bed bug extermination process works so well because it brings bed bugs to their thermal death point, their maximum tolerance for temperature. “Once [bed bugs] reach that point, they will basically die of heat and water loss,” he says.

Now that you understand how to remove bed bugs using heat treatment, here are some more reasons why the process is a good choice.

The Benefits of Bed Bug Removal Using Heat Treatment

As mentioned earlier, heat treatment is a non-chemical and non-toxic alternative to conventional bed bug extermination approaches, but there are more reasons to consider the innovative bed bug treatment:

  • It typically only takes one bed bug extermination treatment to destroy an entire bed bug population, whereas chemical treatments usually necessitate several treatments.

  • When this bed bug control method is applied to your home, you can leave all your clothes and bedding in your treated area, rather than bagging and washing them (link to bed bug prep post).
  • Heat treatment cleans the air inside infected rooms, leaving a fresh, odourless scent.
  • Your neighbours won’t feel any of the heat.
  • It is eco-friendly and safe for you to return home immediately afterward

Many health care facilities, hospitals and schools that need to get rid of bed bugs make use of heat treatment because it is so safe and effective. Though often used for public and commercial properties, it’s a great bed bug treatment for homes and apartments as well. Heat treatments were only available in the U.S. until Magical Pest Control became the first trained and fully licensed Pest Control Company in Ontario to offer a heat treatment method for getting rid of bed bugs.

If you suspect bed bugs have invited themselves into your home, give Magical Pest Control a call today at (905) 738-6676 for a free consultation over the phone, or contact us here. Our expert bed bug extermination technicians will get rid of bed bugs from any home.

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To learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs in your home in Toronto or surrounding area contact us immediately.

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