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Everything you need to know about bed bugs and bed bug removal in Toronto and Surrounding Areas
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How to Prepare For Bed Bug Treatment

bed bug treatment for getting rid of bed bugs

If you’ve come to the unfortunate realization that you have bed bug symptoms such as bed bugs bites, it’s time to take bed bug control. Book an appointment with a bed bug exterminator immediately, and start preparing your home for the procedure with these steps.

  • Take as many belongings out your home as possible. In this first bed bug treatment step, empty your bookshelves, nightstands, dressers and closets, and clear the top of your dresser and tables. This must be done so the bed bug control technician can spray the furniture thoroughly. Place all items from the emptied furniture in tightly sealed garbage bags or ziplock bags, and leave them in the room to undergo treatment for bed bugs. Television sets should also be removed from their wall units, but all electronics should remain on site when getting rid of bed bugs.
  • Move furniture at least 30 cm away from the walls. This will ease spraying of the baseboards in the treatment for bed bugs. Take your paintings and mirrors off the walls as well. Do not, however, move large items located under your bed. This is key in the treatment for bed bugs, as moving the structure may cause bed bugs to relocate into other areas of the furniture.
  • Remove all panels, plates and covers. The front panel from heating or air conditioning units, as well as all electrical wall plates, phone jack plates and light switch covers will need to be taken off for bed bug treatment.
  • Cover fish aquariums. Aquariums can be left on site when getting rid of bed bugs, but make sure they are covered and their air filters are disconnected.
  • Remove drapes and launder them professionally. You can also simply vacuum your drapery and have them treated by the bed bug exterminators.
  • Launder all clothing, bedding, pillows, clothing and chair covers. Place items to be washed in tightly sealed plastic bags or containers, take them to the laundry room, and wash them in the washing machine using hot water. Remember to collect any clothing you store under your bed (only large items should stay under your bed). Remember to store fresh, clean laundry in airtight bags or containers where bed bugs can’t reach them.
  • Vacuum Everywhere. Thoroughly vacuum the floor and your mattress, including crevices, handles and buttons. Be sure to vacuum your bed frame, baseboards and the objects and flooring close to your bed too. Promptly discard the vacuum bag in an exterior garbage bin.

If you suspect your home might require bed bug treatment, give Magical Pest Control a call at (905) 738-6676, or contact us online to schedule a bed bug inspection. Remember, Magical is here to help you in your quest for bed bug control.

One thought on “How to Prepare For Bed Bug Treatment

  1. Thanks for sharing! Bed bugs are a very tricky lot. It is rare to see them come and also go. It is a normal occurrence to feel the stinging bite of these bugs and yet you do not see any trace of them when you switch the lights back on. nice tips :D

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Call us at (905) 738-6676
To learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs in your home in Toronto or surrounding area contact us immediately.

Call us at 1-866-323-7378 to learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs in your home in Toronto or surrounding area contact us immediately. Free consultation. Free Quote. Contact Us Now.

Call us at (905) 738-6676
To learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs in your home in Toronto or surrounding area contact us immediately.

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