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Is the Presence of Bed Bugs Exaggerated in the Media?

Toronto bed bug epidemic

If you’re to believe news coverage over the past few years, the bed bug epidemic has reached new heights. Is this really the case, or is the media sensationalizing people’s worst fears about bed bugs? News coverage of unfortunate bed bug incidents has resulted in the blacklisting of hotels, stores, and even cities that travellers fear are hotbeds for bed bug activity.

Is all this hype blowing the ‘bed bug epidemic’ out of proportion?

In a word: yes. While there’s certainly no doubt that bed bugs are a legitimate concern for travellers and homeowners alike, there’s no reason to press pause on travel plans, or take extreme precautions that disrupt your daily life. While no one wants to be bitten by bed bugs, simply paying attention and noting what you’re bringing into your home should help keep bed bugs away. Even if you do find yourself with bed bugs in your home, bed bugs are not life-threatening, and can be treated and exterminated safely.

A Little History on the Bed Bug Epidemic

Bed bugs are far from a new pest. They’ve been cohabiting with humans for thousands of years. In fact, prior to the 20th century, bed bug infestations were as common or more common than they are today.

It’s only been in the past 70 years that we’ve managed to get ahold of chemicals and other bed bug treatments that effectively eliminate the pesky critters. In the 1950s the invention of DDT virtually exterminated them. However, since the ban on the harmful chemical in the 1970s, bed bugs have been making a slow resurgence. Today we have many comparable chemicals that eliminate bed bugs. However bed bugs are extremely resilient and adaptable, making them one of the toughest household pests to permanently eliminate, because they quickly develop immunity to chemicals.

For a little more info about bed bug history read our series on the history of bed bugs:
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What Can You Do to Avoid Bed Bugs?

Simply be cautious. If you’re travelling, take precautions to ensure your travels are safe and bed bug free. Inspect your hotel room upon arrival, and your luggage before you leave. Being vigilant and paying attention to your surroundings might be all it takes to avoid a bed bug infestation and unnecessary hassle! At home, avoiding or carefully checking things such as secondhand clothes and furniture will also help protect you from a bed bug infestation.

Even if bed bugs do make their way into your home, don’t panic. There are bed bug treatments available to eliminate bed bugs quickly and safely, especially if you catch the problem in the early stages. A professional, licensed bed bug exterminator will explain how they’re treating your home and ensure that the bed bugs are gone for good.

If you need a professional Toronto bed bug exterminator to get rid of bed bugs, call Magical Pest Control at (905) 738-6676. Our Toronto bed bug extermination division is highly trained, and offers the best bed bug removal services available in Toronto.

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Call us at (905) 738-6676
To learn more about how to get rid of bed bugs in your home in Toronto or surrounding area contact us immediately.

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